Data centers

Data centers

forTop projects is market leader in the field of data collection of energy meters within data centers.

We develop a wide range of solutions for our customers. Especially for data centers that want to invoice the energy usage to their customers.

forTop projects has a proven track record for the acquisition, processing and monitoring of more than 8.000 energy meters in a single installation.

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The above picture shows the graphical representation of a data floor and the customer racks. DCEM provides the owner of the data center and the owner of the racks real-time access to energy, current output, temperature and relative humidity.

The DCEM software is especially developed for data centers and offers the following features:

  • Continious reading and monitoring of more than 8.000 energy meters.
  • Monitoring of electrical redundancy down to rack level.
  • Fully redundant system, the data loggers guard each other and can take over tasks when the other fails.
  • Customer portal, where data center customers can view their own consumption.

Power Usage Alarms

 Power Usage Alarms

The monitoring service within DCEM continuously monitors the entire installation on exceeding limits, disruptions and redundancy problems. The system can alert users via web, email, SMS or relay the alarms to an external system.

Redundancy, limit values, life states, switch positions,  transformer ratios, user actions, consumption, temperatures and humidity… DCEM monitors!

 Single Line


With DCEM webbased single-line pages you get an instant overview of your intire system, real-time power usage, switch positions and alarms. By clicking on a component you get an instant overview of the current and historical data. The single-line pages are tailor made and therefore always meet your requirements.

Your complete installation, real-time in one overview!

Because DCEM is web based, you have a real-time view of your installation, always and anywhere.



A requirement for ISO50001 is creating transparency of the power flows in an electrical installation. With the DCEM “Fishbone” visualisation you get a clear overview of these flows:



The ISO50001 “fishbone” visualisation shows the following real-time:

  • The total power per group (several meters per group possible).
  • The percentage of the power with respect to the feeding group.
  • Variation in the line width for a clear “flow” overview.